Monday, July 21, 2003

BUNS, (in the pleasant english sense, not the backside related american sense)

The buns I made yesterday (and again today, because I didn't get any yesterday):

500g plain flour.
1 sachet yeast (or equivalent fresh)
3 tablespoons sugar
50g softened butter
pinch of salt
about 300ml warmed milk

mix up all the ingredients except the milk, then add the milk, the 300 ml is very approximate, according to the flour.
Put it in large slosh by large slosh while mixing up by spoon, hand or hand held mixer (using the spirally beaters if you have them, don't use the whisks).
knead for a good time, (hey hey hey), 5mins by machine, 10 by hand, until it is a soft dough, not too sticky.
Let it rise until it has doubled in size (half an hour to an hour).
Put the oven on at 200ÂșC.
Knock back and lightly knead, then roll out into long sausages, about 2cm in width, no need to to be tidy shapes, and cut into 10cm lengths
(or, for heaven's sake, any shape or size as long as it's not to big). Put them into baking trays (on bake-o-glide, or just lightly oiled), leave for another ten or fifteen mins to rise, brush the buns with milk, put 'em in the oven and bake for about 15 minutes (or until brown ontop).

THEN, either ice them with plain icing (with a touch of vanilla) or wrap them hot in aluminium foil, sprinkled heavily with sugar mixed with lots of cinnamon. The steam inside the foil helps the cinnamon sugar stick to the buns. Keep them in the foil and take them as a present for your mother-in-law! VERY addictive.


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